Unit 10: Word Data

Unit 10: Word Processing Data

One of the first uses for computers was to enable electronic type writing with the capacity for easy correction and storage. Word processing is the most common use of computers. Over time, word processing applications have changed from text only documents to text with images, tables of information and hyperlinks. 

In this Unit we will present word data as a story with text, images, table, hyperlinks and reference section.

Watch the video (top right) that covers the basics of word processing format.
How are your typing skills? Play some typing games (left).

  1. You will need to create a story about an area of learning. Ask your teacher for topic suggestions.
  2. Watch the DigitalNinja video (right) to learn how to create word processing data and show how your story can be formatted using Word processing software.

As a class discuss:

  • The situations and occupations that use word processing a lot.



Unit 10 Wordprocessing

Digital words are a part of our everyday life. Take a short quiz based on the DigitalNinja video (above). 

Take the Quiz


  • Recognise different types of data and explore how the same data can be represented in different ways.
  • Using a table to re organise information that includes sentences, and/or words, and/or numbers and/or images.