Unit 4: Digital Solutions

Unit 4: Digital Solutions

In Unit 3 we explored how software and Apps produce data. Software also makes our lives more enjoyable. How? We can write (program) software to do the things we want and repeat them without failure. Have you ever wondered how a toaster pops us the bread at just the right time? Well, specially written instructions or code using software, controls the way the toaster functions. (see how). Now consider a robot; it uses more complex code. Code allows humans to solve problems and offer solutions that benefit us. Nobody places a fork in the bread and holds it over an open fire anymore. Electricity and code have solved that problem. Can you follow the code diagram for toast (right)?

So to sum up:

Code is a set of written instructions to complete a task, using software. When code has a set of instructions in a sequence (specific order) that can be repeated over and over without fail, it is called an "Algorithm". Code is used to solve problems. Apps for mobile devices are an example of code to solve problems. For example Google search uses complex algorithms to produce the results that help us find information on the Internet. Can you think of other Apps that solve problems?

Watch the "What is Code?" (top video).
Watch the "What is an Algorithm?" video.
  • Watch the video (right) on how to code Lightbot
  • Play / Code  LightBot. Click here (Requires Flash)
Make your own algorithm.

  • With a partner create a simple algorithm.
  • Your algorithm could be done inside your classroom. See an example >>
  • Download printable blank code sheet.
  • Make sure you test it over and over to make sure it works.
  • Swap your algorithm with other students in your class and test theirs.
In the NinjaVideo there are two videos (Lighbot and Scratchjnr). There are tutorials that show you how to use the Apps (iPad) to follow a sequence of events to solve the problems (challenges) below.

Daisy Dinosaur App (iPad ONLY). Daisy has a problem. She loves to be warm and close to the sun. Daisy does not want to get sun burn on her nose. How can she she get close to the sun without burning here nose? Show you teacher your solution. Download it here.

Scratchjnr App. Create a story that teaches us something based on suggestions from your teacher. Download it from here.

Kodable is a fun way for everyone to learn the simplest code. It is web based and teachers can create class accounts for students. Learn more.
Give us one example of  how you used code to solve a problem using any of the Apps above.

What is Code? (above)


What is an Algorithm? (above)

Digital words are a part of our everyday life. After watching the videos above, play the Matching tile game below.  You need to match a picture with the best word/sentence description choice.

Fill in the blank


  • Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems.
  • EXTENSION IDEAS (Content Description Documents)

    Current Digital Technologies: Curriculum mapping templates. Click here

    Digital Systems 


    Data and Information




    Digital Solutions