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Our motto: "A problem is a solution waiting to be found! Let's use digital technology to be our creative best!"

Unit 4: Digital Solutions

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    • Experimenting with very simple, step-by-step procedures to explore programmable devices, for example providing instructions to physical or virtual objects or robotic devices to move in an intended manner.
    • Jointly writing and entering a simple set of instructions to sequence events and actions, for example scanning personal photographs and collating and ordering significant personal events or milestones and describing the steps involved in the process.
    • Presenting a sequence of instructions or events in a series of slides or screens with text and pictures.
    • Recognising sequences of instructions or events that are commonly experienced such as the sequence of traffic lights, or how their lunch order is taken and delivered.
    • Following a series of instructions to use a piece of hardware or software, for example taking a photograph, editing and storing it to include in a slow motion.
      VCA Document, VCDTDI017,