Unit 17: “Hands On” Coding

Are you ready for excitement? Coding robots and drones is mega fun. The digiTRONICS program is a Mini Course. Just click on the arrow to take you there. 


Drone of choice

  • In early 2017 a new version of the Parrot Mambo cargo drone was released specifically for STEM programs in schools
  • The Mambo is priced at around $200 AUD
  • Parrot Drones can be purchased from Harvey Norman, JB HIFI and similar stores or online at the Parrot store. See website below.

Website: http://global.parrot.com/au/

Support: Click here

Computer: iPad or Android tablet Must have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

Software in general: Drones require Freeflight 3 App. Download here

Software for coding = Tynker. Click here for a comprehensive website and resources


  1.  Join Parrot Classroom online for lots of activities
  2. A secure cupboard with power boards to recharge the drones is a MUST
  3.  Drones are best used in student pairs
  4.  The school Gym or oval area is a minimum for safety and for avoiding signal control

  • It is very versatile. It can carry , grab and fire cannon balls. This facilitates a wide range of coding challenges
  • It can take a photo
  • Most importantly it connects with the Tynker App enabling student to code the drones movements
  • It has 9 minute flying time

 for Freeflight3


Each member of your team needs to demonstrate they can pilot their drone to do the following:

  1. Take off vertically to a height of no more than 2 meters and land it at the take off point
  2. Repeat step 1, and fly left and right, then land it.
  3. Fly the drone on a straight course for 25 meters, turn it around and fly to base and land. Maximum height at all times of 2 meters.

As a team, compose a in flight trick or tricks to wow the judges.

After displaying the trick or tricks the drone must fly back to base and land

30 Control your drone so it can take a team selfie. Once taken, login to the Drone Zone > your team page and upload the the photo.
40 Birds eye view. Pilot your drone vertically so it takes a photo specified by your teacher.
50 Sandpit or school feature chosen by your teacher fly around. Using a video, record  your drone flying around around the play area. 
100 Zoomers. Each team member flies the drone to a specific location as chosen by the teacher. The drone must take off from the launch pad and land back on the launch pad. Another teacher or student will record the time and average the times across the team.

 for Tynker Coding

- The possibilities are endless. We held an Drone Olympics.

- Each team was asked to code a specific performance ( object handling, Cannon use, Flips & Stunts or a flight path).

- Team code was to remain secret

- Each team performed their manoeuvre (Score of 50 points max.)

- Each team could then attempt to replicate another teams manoeuvre (Score of 50 points max.)


  • Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems.
  • Apply coding to manipulate the movements of a robotic object.