Unit 13: “Hands on” Coding

Unit 13: "Hands On" Coding

The 'magic" of coding happens when young learners discover the power of controlling and problem solving. Hands on coding is loads of fun and offers maximum engagement. We have provided starter  resources for Sphero which has become the most popular codable classroom robot. To the right are some starter videos.

Alternatives? Lego Wedo |  Kubo


Description: is a spherical robot toy, capable of rolling around, and controlled by a smartphone or tablet. There are two versions of the Sphero (1.0 and 2.0). The company also makes the BB-8 toy robot based on the droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as a cylindrical toy called the Ollie, and SPRK, an essential for academics for its transparent design.

Website: http://www.sphero.com/

Resources: Click here | Maze Mayhem |  

Where to buy: Click here

Additional YouTube videos: Click here

Mission: To program Sphero to achieve the following:

  1. Start from a capital city in Australia
  2. Traverse 3 States in Australia
  3. Stop / Pause on 5 cities or towns in Australia
  4. At each stop a student can tell the class about the city or town with a focus on:
  • Distance from the start
  • Main features and attractions at that town or city

      5. A video could be made about Sphero's roadtrip


  1. A large floor map of Australia showing states and highways. Students could draw and cut out each state and join them together.
  2. Add in major highways and cities / towns.



You can find a large library of Sphero activities here

Our focus will be on one activity that integrates programming and geography.

See details bottom left.


  • Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems.
  • Apply coding to manipulate the movements of a robotic object.