Unit 1: My Digital World

Unit 1: My Digital World

You would be amazed how many machines, tools, and things we use in our everyday life are digital devices. So, what is a digital device? The word "digital" comes from the smaller word; digit or number. A device is any type of equipment that helps humans improve life or do a specific job. So a digital device is an electronic machine that uses numbers to compute (calculate) to do a specific task for humans.

Our world has thousands of digital devices working to make what we call the "Digital World" we live in. Some devices are complex like robots, others are simple like a toaster. How many digital devices are in your world?

Computers (machines that use numbers to perform tasks) are the most obvious and common types of digital devices. They come in many shapes (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, server) and so on. They are made by many different manufacturers (IBM, Apple NEC, Samsung, Acer) and many more.

Watch the Day of Glass video from Corning Glass (top video). How many digital devices can you see in the future?
Watch the Ninja Video to learn about how computers work. We suggest you watch it twice, then try to complete the Word Power activity.

How many digital devices can you see or identify at home. Ask mum dad or a friend to help you put together a list. 

Back at school share your list with others from your class and make a new list of the top 10 most popular home digital devices. Discuss the results.



Unit 1 DN

Digital words are a part of our everyday life. After watching the videos above, try to complete a word search below. 

Play Word Search


  • Identify and explore digital systems (hardware and software components) for a purpose.
  • EXTENSION IDEAS (Content Description Documents)

    Current Digital Technologies: Curriculum mapping templates. Click here

    Digital Systems 


    Data and Information




    Digital Solutions