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DigitalNinja is a product of OzInterbiz a Melbourne based I.C.T. consulting service for schools.

With over 20 years "in class" teaching experience our lead consultant has collaborated with schools to develop custom programs to enhance digital learning outcomes for learners in a variety of school situations (Primary, Secondary and Special). Our lead designer/consultant is a practicing qualified teacher (VIT Registered) We wish to acknowledge the enormous support and scope offered by Mitcham Primary School in enabling the trial of the wide variety of programs listed below. Learn more..

Consultancy Milestones:

  • 2000. Winner of the VECCI Industry Partnership award for trialling the eSchool program
  • World first strategies using multi media and pocket PC's at Balwyn North PS, Mitcham PS and Broadmeadows PS
  • Digital Media Academy (Broadmeadows SC)
  • MookiiWorld software essentials program (Broadmeadows PS, Mitcham PS, Carranballac College, )
  • DigiTronics (Hume Central SC)
  • Student driven eLearning (ICT) mentoring program (eLeaders)at Broadmeadows PS, Mitcham PS, Streeton PS and Carranballac College
  • Immersive elearning programs for Special Schools at Hume Valley School
  • World first online 24/7 realtime virtual learning platform (BSC)
  • Cyber Safe 24/7 real time collaboration platform for 1 to 1 devices (Broadmeadows SC)
  • DigiTRONICS robotics (Hume Central SC and Mitcham PS
  • Development of a Cybersafe social media ePortfolio platform for schools
  • eTeacher professional development mentoring program
  • 2014 PASS (Hume Valley Special school) Award for Team curriculum development
  • 2016 Cyber Heroes and Cyber Academy program (Carranballac College, Mitcham PS)
  • 2017 Code Dojo coding program (Mitcham PS)
  • 2017 Drone Zone at Mitcham PS
  • 2017-18 DigitalNinja program at Mitcham PS domain website is Australian owned by OzInterbiz.  Our A.B.N. is 53 781 384 027