My Mookii

Greetings. Welcome to the world of Media Objects Of Knowledge, Interest and Investigation (Mookii).

Let's begin your creative journey with a fun 'ice breaker' activity. Let your imagination run wild! Create a Mookii character (avatar) which is unique. Show your creative flare and drawing skills. Add lots of unique features (accessories) to your mookii and 'wow' us.
After you have watched the iLearn movie, take your memory for a test drive!

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- Digital drawing (freeform)     
- File saving
- Internet image sourcing    
- Drawing with shapes
- Element (object) grouping    
- Transparency tool 
- Scaling (re size)    
- Send to back
- Right click menu options    
- Conversion to .jpeg

  1. Download and Save the Mookii Template to your computer. Click here.
  2. Ask your teacher if there is a focus for your Mookii (based on a class learning focus)
  3. Give your Mookii a special name with a "ii" ending
  4. Make sure your Mookii has ALL the Assessment Elements (See below)
  5. Use the Mookii template you downloaded to create your awesome Mookii
  6. Remember to save it as a .jpeg

  • The Mookii template has been altered to produce a unique Mookii relevant to the topic suggested by my teacher
  • Well selected image accessories have been added to the Mookii
  • Clear evidence of FREEFORM drawing using Powerpoint
  • A well selected background graphic has been added to give additional context to the Mookii
  • A well chosen name was given to the Mookii ending in a "ii"
  • Has been saved as a .jpeg image