Mini Course Overview

Mini Course Overviews

Mini courses offer your class the opportunity to enrich and extend skills and knowledge. Each course can be completed within the span of one term, based on 45 to 60 minutes a week. Of course students can undertake additional learning time from home. Each course has the following features:

  1. All the teacher needs to do is provide a learning focus or emphasis for the topic presented.
  2. Self paced learning.
  3. Multi media "How to" videos that demonstrate the digital skills.
  4. An extension activity is offered in the form of a quiz or other online activity.


Provides learners with a gradual immersion into coding.

  • Introduction to coding
  • Block coding
  • Algorithms
  • Solution charts
  • Scratch coding
  • Advanced coding


Graduate through various levels of online awareness and digital citizenship.

  • What super powers will you have to protect us on the Internet?
  • Know the commonly used words relating to the Internet.
  • Protecting your personal information and privacy.
  • How to "take down" online bullies.
  • Responsibilities of every online digital citizen.




Beginning with simple machines advance to programming Lego Mindstorm robots.

  • Introducing simple machines.
  • What are robots.
  • Build robots online for a purpose.
  • Build and program Lego Mindstorms to complete challenges.


Offers a variety of online (Web 2.0) resources and websites with multi media creativity to enhance any digital project.

  • Online storage and collaboration.
  • Online Office Apps.
  • Audio and voice recording.
  • Story writing.
  • Interactive quiz and games.
  • Presentation.
  • Public speaking.
  • Video and movies.
  • Animation.
  • Comics.
  • Mind map and timeline.
  • Graphics and drawing.













Our cute characters will teach you how to use popular software applications that are used in everyday life.

  • My Mookii - create your own mookii character with MS Powerpoint for visual effect.
  • Seer Mookii - design a poster that communicates a clear message about an issue of passion.
  • Mesher Mookii - discover the impact of multi media with Microsoft Word.
  • Cruncher Mookii - crunch the numbers with MS Excel and produce a graph from a survey.
  • Comixi Mookii - make us laugh by creating a multi media cartoon with MS Powerpoint.
  • Radioii Mookii - make a podcast of your very own radio show with Audacity.
  • Photii Mookii - loves to make collages from photos using Photovisi.
  • Meko Mookii - educate us by creating a docu-movie with PhotoStory 3.
  • Skeptii Mookii - will show you how to do research using the Internet
  • Enforcii Mookii - is keen to remind you of your online netiquette and responsibilities.

3D  Printing - eMOMe

Introduce young learners to the design thinking process via creating 3D objects 

  • Teacher introduction to Tinkercad
  • Foundation 3D skills using Tinkercad
  • What is the the Design Thinking process
  • Creating a character in 3D
  • Extension resources