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Our motto: "A problem is a solution waiting to be found! Let's use digital technology to be our creative best!"

Foundation Level C

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  • Digital Systems

    1. Developing motor skills to slide, double tap and beginning to use a mouse to activate or manipulate a game
    2. Using two switches for two functions
    3. Exploring various digital systems to operate a program, for example using a keyboard to type, a mouse or stylus to draw and using appropriate pressure to activate a key
    4. Using devices purposefully, for example scanning and selecting a program or adjusting the volume
    Code: VCDTDS007
    Data and Information
    1. Pairing identical objects from a small collection
    2. Copying a pattern associated with a familiar activity, for example repeating a movement pattern
    3. Matching, sorting and organising objects in practical situations
    4. Sorting objects and events based on easily identified characteristics and using digital systems to represent data, for example sorting objects based on colour or shape and creating a digital drawing
    5. Assisting to collect and sort data in a structured situation, for example questioning friends about their favourite animal or football team and selecting an image of the most popular response
    6. Assisting in using common software to present data creatively such as a slideshow, movie or sounds
    Code: VCDTDI008
    Creating digital solutions
    1. Re-sequencing a known everyday activity using visual images or verbal cues
    2. Experimenting with very simple, visual step-by-step procedures to explore using a device or completing a task, for example printing a picture or starting a game
    3. Identifying sequences of instructions or events that are commonly experienced such as the sequence of traffic lights or instructions for making a sandwich
    4. Following two to three-step series of instructions to use a piece of hardware or software, for example locating a website by keying in its URL or inserting an image in a file
    Code: VCDTD009