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Our motto: "A problem is a solution waiting to be found! Let's use digital technology to be our creative best!"

Foundation Level B

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  • Digital Systems

    1. Observing the use of basic digital systems in everyday routines and copying them, for example using a tablet or phone to take a photograph
    2. Mimicking the use of various digital devices and assistive systems, for example using touch and reaction-linked devices that are in close proximity, using a voice-activated device
    3. Practising hand gestures to resize an image or text, or swipe to navigate
    4. Copying how to carry out an instruction, for example tapping an icon or swiping a screen
    Code: VCDTDS004
    Data and Information
    1. Experimenting with devices to capture and record data such as taking a photo (image data) and recording the results from a structured data-sorting activity
    2. Assisting to sort objects and events in structured shared experiences based on teacher-defined characteristics and using digital systems to represent the findings
    3. Sorting data by size and displaying the objects from tallest to smallest
    4. Assisting to sort data through structured learning experiences, for example sorting classroom objects into categories based on them being ‘the same’
    5. Using software to select images and sounds to represent the findings of sorted data
    Code: VCDTDI005


    Creating digital solutions
    1. Following a sequence strip to complete the steps in an everyday event, such as morning circle, unpacking their bag
    2. Using problem-solving skills to explore cause and effects programs or activities that have a clear action/consequence, such as dropping a ball, turning on a screen
    3. Following a simple single step instruction (step-by-step using verbal and visual prompts) to complete everyday routine activities
    4. Following a sequence of instructions or events presented as pictures or images for familiar routine activities and commonly experienced events
    Code: VCDTD006