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Our motto: "A problem is a solution waiting to be found! Let's use digital technology to be our creative best!"

Foundation Level A

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  • Digital Systems

    1. Identifying and using different techniques to carry out an instruction, for example a control key or mouse to close a file, or a mouse or hand movement to resize an image, or a stylus or selecting an existing object to create a shape
    2. Using some features of a computer to carry out a number of functions, for example saving work, moving the cursor and scrolling within a file
    3. Using icons to operate familiar software such as Save, Favorites, Home


    Code: VCDTDS010
    Data and Information
    1. Collecting, sorting and displaying data in a personally meaningful way, for example collecting leaves, sorting them into groups based on size, shape or colour and using a drawing program to represent the findings
    2. Sorting like objects based on a given classification, for example group shoes based on colour or size and presenting the findings
    3. Examining and continuing a simple repeated pattern with given objects, movement or sounds
    4. Using common software to present ideas creatively, for example creating a slideshow, poster, drawing or image about a wishful holiday destination
    Code: VCDTDI011
    Creating digital solutions
    1. Taking and using photos to represent the sequence of events, for example placing in order photos of buildings/rooms that need to be passed when getting from the classroom to the front school gate
    2. Viewing a game and listing the number of levels within it
    3. Writing a simple set of instructions to sequence events, for example the processes involved in making toast with jam
    4. Recognising sequences of instructions or events that are commonly experienced such as crossing a road that has traffic lights
    Code: VCDTCD012