You will NEED to form a partnership with another player. DigiTRONICS is a series of challenges that progressively take you higher and higher in the design process for building robots. 
You'll need to make decisions quickly that have clear consequences...it is a test of nerves and solution skills! Do you have what it takes?

Welcome. Do you love problem solving and making things work? digiTRONICS will take you on a journey that starts with simple machines and ends with sophisticated Lego Mindstorms robot programming. Have fun.

Discuss these >> Examples of Simple Machines

Learn what a simple machine is by undertaking the following online challenges:

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these activities require Flash player to be enabled.

  1. Play Movement Match Game. Click here
  2. Play a Simple Machines in the TOOL SHED game. Click here
  3. Play a Simple Machines in the Garage game. Click here
  4. Build a power machine. Click here
  5. Build a moving toy. Click here
  6. Make the Burger Machine work. Click here
  7. Get the Ball to the other side. Click here
  8. Build a fantastic contraption. Click here
  9. Help Twitch at the Museum. Click here