Unit 6: Cyber Heroes

Unit 6: Internet - Cyber Heroes

The Internet is fascinating to us all. It has so many great uses. Like everything in life we need to use the Internet (online) in a responsible way. Sadly, while we might be good digital citizens, there are dangers in the cyber (Internet) world. The activities below are a fun way to learn the dangers and benefits of the Internet.

There are 5 activity areas for you to explore below. | 1 - Good posture, what is the Internet?, Kiddle.co safe search | 2 - Online safety tips with Sid | 3 - Netiquette | 4 - Bully Takedown | 5 - Hectors World and Zippep's Astro circus. |

Teachers: It is recommended that the crossword be attempted (as a whole class using display technology), at the completion of this unit.

Digital words are a part of our everyday life.  Solve the crossword below.

Crossword Challenge

Jump start the thinking. Cumputer Networks

Extension Ideas

We will all spend many many hours using digital devices. Caring for our body is so important. Watch the Posture video (right) as a class and list all the ways you can improve your posture when using digital devices.
Learn about what is the Internet?" Watch the video (right).
Practice Safe Searching using Kiddle.co (Watch video to the right).

Recently Kiddle added an encyclopedia section. Explore it 

Create your own Super Hero. Ask your teacher how you can share your Hero with other students. Start creating. Click here
Imagine an Alien asked you "What is the Internet?" What would you reply?

Lee loves to play a game called Animal Magic on the computer. Kim likes to watch her brother Lee playing on the computer and meeting all the animals in his favourite online game, and last of all ... SID the superhero who protects children on the internet! He likes to fly around and teach children how to stay safe. He also loves to sing…

Watch the Lee, Kim and Sid's Animal Adventures video (right). What are Sid's top 4 online tips?
Professor Garfield teaches us about YAPPY. What does it mean? Watch the video (right).
How cyber smart are you? Click here to play a quiz.
As a class discuss any experiences you have had on the Internet that made you feel uncertain.

Clicky and the Netsmartz gang encourage you to be a good online citizen. Learn more.

Watch the Be Kind Online video (right). How should we treat others when online?
How can you use good netiquette online? What does it mean? Watch the video (right).
How cyber smart are you? Click here to play a quiz.
As a class discuss other ways we can be good online cyber citizens.



One of the biggest problems on the Internet involves people using it to attack others. This is called Online Bullying.

Watch the Bullies are no fun and Indirect Bullying videos (right). Discuss as a class how we can stop online bullying.
What is Cyber Bullying? What does it mean? Click here to view an online presentation.
Become a Bully Stopper? Click here to play a quiz.
As a class visit the eSafety Commissioners website and explore how to report cyber bullying. Click here.


Meet colorful circus friends and travel through the islands. Play games, earn tickets and claim your rewards along the way.

Click here to play.

Safe Online Information Systems

  • Independently and with others create and organise ideas and information using information systems, and share these with known people in safe online environments.
  • Explore how people safely use common information systems to meet information, communication and recreation needs.
  • EXTENSION IDEAS (Content Description Documents)

    Current Digital Technologies: Curriculum mapping templates. Click here

    Digital Systems 


    Data and Information




    Digital Solutions