CA Sergeant

Your mission is to achieve your Sergeant Smart wings through:

  1. Collecting power words that are often used when we are online (Internet)
  2. Understanding how the Internet works 

Help the Gizmo family to be safe online (See left)

To receive your Sergeant Smart wings you need to:

  1. Have studied the Internet words (right side column) >>
  2. Complete the Complete the Be Smart crossword
  3. Take a "Snip" or screen capture of the finished puzzle/results and added it to your Cyber Academy Workbook
  4. WATCH the video (right) about how to make a Voki
  5. Prepare a short talk/speech that your Voki will say using at least 5 words involving the Internet. Use the words listed in the right column.
  6. Use imagination; your Voki could tell us a story. You MUST use FULL sentences that show you understand the meaning of each word used.
    1. You could open/save a word document >> type up the speech
    2. Copy the speech from your word document
    3. Make your Voki >
    4. Paste in the words
    5. Preview it > make any required changes
  7. Add the hyperlink to your Voki into Cyber Academy workbook.

Watch the videos below to learn how the Internet works.


Discuss as a class.

  • Where did people get information before the Internet was invented?
  • Historically, what technology did people use before computers and digital mobile phones became popular?

CA SergeantSmart