CA Rookie

Welcome to the Cyber Academy young Rookie Cadet.

We invite you to use your power of imagination to become an online super hero with super powers to make the Internet safe for everyone.

Can you think of a super power that an online super hero should have to keep the Internet safe for everyone to use?

  1. Complete the Cyber Quiz (to the left).
  2. Snip your results and add the image to your Cyber Academy workbook.
  3. Click on the link to create your own super hero. Click here.
  4. Give your Super Hero a name
  5. Snip your finished Hero, and SAVE it to your Cyber Academy workbook. Watch the videos (right) that show you how to SNIP / Screen capture (PC or Apple)
  6. Add / Insert it to your Cyber Academy workbook.
  7. Add text telling us in detail what super powers your hero has that will protect us when we are online.
Watch the videos below. They are a lighthearted look at two of our most loved super heroes.