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In the "real" world, communities have ways to "control" people who "upset" or offend others. It is everyone's responsibility to act in a respectful manner when online. We call this 'netiquette'. Likewise we all have another equally important responsibility; to report online users that are being irresponsible. In doing so, we are solid Digital Citizens.

Visit to learn more.

Join the Cyber Pigs (left) as they discover what Cyber sense and nonsense is. Then have fun with the Webonauts.

Playing a quiz game is fun. Making a quiz game for others to play is even more fun. Educaplay is a website where you can make fun quiz games.

What to do:

  1. Make sure you have completed all the activities on this page, including watching the videos.
  2. Prepare a draft quiz on paper with 5 questions and answer choices
  3. The questions MUST be about being a responsible online digital citizen.
  4. Your choice. There are tutorial videos to show you (See right side panel).
    1. Create a 5 question quiz using Scratch or
    2. Ask your teacher to create a class account at
  5. Watch the video (right) to learn the basics for making a quiz game with educaplay.
  6. Embed or hyperlink your quiz into your Cyber Academy workbook.

Watch the videos below to learn more about being a Digital Citizen.


Discuss as a class.

  • More and more of our "real" world activities are becoming computerized. This evolution is often referred to AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Can your class see into the future and list more digital and online activities to come?