CA Captain Cautious

We need to be very protective of our personal information. Images (photos), date of birth, address of where we live, telephone numbers, email address and passwords can be used by nasty people (hackers) that use the Internet for not nice purposes.

Your mission is to achieve your Captain Cautious wings.

Watch the Cyber Pigs (Left) and and attempt the Quiz in the Additional resources section (left).

Let's make a Scared E Cat  poster

  1. You will need to use Microsoft Publisher. Apple/Mac users will need to use Power point. An online program you can use is: canva
  2. Choose ONE word from this list [PROTECT, SECURE, LOGOUT, PRIVACY, PASSWORD, PERSONAL, SAFE] to make a poster about being cautious online.
  3. Watch the video (right) to learn how to make the poster

Watch the videos below to learn about protecting your privacy online.

Discuss as a class, what strategies we can use to protect our privacy online.

How to make a Scared eCat Poster with MS Publisher

CA CaptCautious