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Cooee10 Team Australia

Australians are passionate about sport. We play almost any sport there is. We even have our own unique sport (Australian Rules Football). Australians have achieved incredible success on the world stage. Let's explore some of the main fields of achievement.


There are so many highlights that we can cover them in detail here. This link will give you a good overview of Australia's achievements. Click here.


Australians have a passion for all sports. In particular we love playing cricket. The long standing rivalry with England is best seen in the "Ashes "Series each year. Its history begins in 1882. Learn more. It s time when we set aside our concerns and revel in the rivalry. In recent times International and various short form versions of cricket have become popular also.


On the international stage Australians have excelled in the sport of tennis. Our achievements have been the source of enormous national pride and identity. Learn more.

Rod Laver. Australia's No.1 ranked professional from 1964 to 1970. He won 200 singles titles, the most in history.

America's Cup:

In 1983 Australians celebrated an unlikely victory. It was a moment of great national pride. Learn more.

We are one, but we are many
And from all the lands on earth we come
We'll share a dream and sing with one voice
"I am, you are, Australian. Written by Bruce Woodley 1987

Our road trip concludes in Darwin, our northern most major city. We hope you have enjoyed and learnt a lot about our great country. We love Australia! We hope you do as well. 


Let's take a moment to see some important snap shot statistics about Australia, today, based on the 2016 census.


As this module is being composed, Australia and the World is grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered (March 14, 2020) an appeal to “team Australia” to maintain the work being done. It was call to ALL Australians to focus and unite to defeat the Corona virus threat to our way of living. We are a small nation, but our team spirit is unquestionable. Examples of Australian unity and national spirit abound. Our "team Australia" sentiment is evident in adversity and accomplishment. In 1942, 242 Japanese aircraft attacked Darwin at the peak of World War II. It was the first time Australia had been attacked by a foreign power. Although Australians had fought overseas, the attack on Darwin focused everyone's effort towards defeating our most imminent enemy ever. In 1974 cyclone Tracy resulted in 71 deaths and massive destruction. In recent times Australians have responded as a nation to devastating droughts and horrific bush fires. Millions of dollars in donations and community initiatives are clear evidence of a "team Australia" national mindset. 

Unity in adversity

Australians are no strangers to adversity. We unite against common enemies (times of political conflict - wars>. We have endured times of international crisis Eg. Great Depression; and we unite to support each other when our vast continent challenges us through natural disasters. Droughts, bush fires, floods and cyclones are a regular challenge. 2020 began with an Australia's worst on going drought then the most devastating bush fires were followed by extreme weather events. (See video below). Over the top of all this the world Corona virus pandemic has become our most severe challenge with the health of our people being threatened by an invisible enemy.

Historically, "Team Australia" can trace its origins to the spirit and bravery of Australians in military conflicts. Often referred to as the ANZAC spirit the heroism of all who have served and sacrificed begins with World War I, then World War II, Korea, Vietnam and in recent times Afghanistan and Iraq. April 25th (ANZAC Day) is a national holiday is remembrance. (See video below).

Australia is a generous nation.

Our people extend our good fortune to those who are less fortunate. This can be appreciated by understanding our aid commitments to other poorer nations. See video below.

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  1. How much do you love Australia?
  2. Watch the video below to think about how you can use your creativity (by yourself, or with others) to demonstrate how much you love Australia.

     3. Present your creativity to your class. You might have it recorded via video or photos taken.

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  2. Presented a creative expression of how much you love Australia.
  3. Created a new slide in my Cooee Portfolio, titled Team Australia, and inserted the creativity (video record or photos).


  • Times of national pride
  • Sporting history
  • Times of national unity of purpose

  • Creatively compose or perform your feelings about how much you love Australia.