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Cooee4 Natural Australia

Kangaroo & Joey




Tasmanian devil


Australia's national floral emblem is the golden wattle. When in flower, the golden wattle displays our national colors of green and gold. As it grows all across Australia, the golden wattle is a symbol of our unity.

Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty and is the world's largest coral reef. It is one of the SEVEN wonders of the natural world. Learn more.

Can you explain this? In Australia's north west, there is a unique tree called the Boab tree. It can also be found in Southern Africa. Tarantula. Scary spider.

Australia has poisonous plants.

Venomous Brown Snake


Cooeee! Our road trip takes us to the mysterious north west of Australia - the Kimberley region. Ancient landscapes and dangerous animals await you amdist the rivers, waterfalls and cliff faces. Incredibly there are horizontal waterfalls! Australia has some very unique animals like monotremes (egg laying mammals), marsupials (pouch animals that carry their young). Learn more.

Our continent has amazing places, native animals and plants. Our curiosity is never satisfied because our land is so large, we SHOULD feel very proud of  our land’s beauty and opportunity. Click on the map below to enlarge.

Australian Wildlife (Fauna)


Australian Plants (Flora)

  1. It's time for you to promote Australia's natural beauty.
  2. Make a 30 second movie trailer movie using either www.animoto.com or Adobe Spark
  3. Visit this website to choose ONE of the following areas:
  4. Using the internet download 5 copyright free images of your chosen topic to a folder on your computer or network
  5. Your teacher has two options :
    1. Create a FREE Classroom account at www.animoto.com for your class to use.
    2. Or make an Adobe ID Enterprise account thereby allowing Primary School students to use Adobe Spark video free at: 
      1. Create Adobe ID Account for classroom here
      2. More Log In help for teachers
  6. Video skills tutorials 
    1. Animoto Tutorial
    2. Adobe Spark Tutorial
  7. Make your Movie promoting your chosen topic.
  8. Create a new slide in your Cooee Australia Portfolio titled: 4: Our Natural Beauty.
  9. Embed your movie or add a hyperlink to your movie.
  10. Add images of Australian native plants (flora), animals etc., relevant to your movie.

Cooee 4

  1. Learnt about different Australian wildlife creatures.
  2. Learnt about different Australian wildlife plants.
  3. Made a promotional movie about Australia's natural beauty.
  4. Completed the Quiz.


  • Australian native flora
  • Australian native fauna.

  • Visual communication
  • Using an online tool to create a promotional video clip about a specific aspect of Australia's native plants or animals.