Cooee0 Teacher Guide

We love Australia. We hope you do as well!

We are all privileged to live and benefit from being Australians.

Our developers at DigitalNinja have gone rogue and produced 10 themes in Australian studies.


Our time in classrooms revealed that students love to gather a sound foundation and general knowledge about Australia.

We also discovered their are lots of scattered resources.

Our goal was to produce 10 themes that would enable teachers quick entry points for their students. How far they explored each theme would be a matter of available time

Australian Studies Themes

  1. Our Continent
  2. First People
  3. Our Identity
  4. Natural Australia
  5. Pioneers
  6. Aussie Legends
  7. Many Cultures
  8. Our Achievers
  9. We Vote – Civics
  10. Team Australia

How to use this program

In our experience, we set aside one lesson (45 minutes) a week.

To add some curiosity we’ve presented the themes as a “road trip” around Australia, with each principal city hosting a theme. Teachers would provide the initial immersion via the introductory content and multi media. Open discussion often flowed. Students could then progress through the content concluding in a digital activity that could presented in a Power point or Google Portfolio site for teacher feedback.

A whole of class attempt at the “Wally Quiz” was a fun way to bring the theme to a fun conclusion.

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