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Cooee1 Our Continent

Horizontal Falls W.A.

Kakadu N.T.

Great Barrier Reef Qld.

Mt Kosciuszko N.S.W.

Flinders Ranges SA

Cradle Mountain Tas.

Australia is the largest island in the world. It is also a continent. Click map to enlarge.Around 70% of Australia is mostly dry. We have 7 large desert regions (largest to smallest) = | Great Victoria Desert | Great Sandy Desert | Tanami Desert | Simpson Desert | Gibson Desert | Little Sandy Desert | Strzelecki Desert  (Click on the map)

Cooee 1

Australia is surrounded by seas and oceans We are an island continent. Surprisingly, Australia was once joined to the other continents. We start our road trip in Tasmania. We will come to appreciate the amazing wilderness and natural world created by changing planet.

Enlarge the image of Australia below (click on it). How many  unique Australian features and animals can you find?

Click on the flags below to watch some videos about how the continents were formed and the beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness.

Cooee1 Millions Cooee1 Wilderness Cooee1 Pristine


Although our First People had inhabited our continent for more than 40,000 years, Europeans (white people) did not know that our continent existed. Early European explorers suspected a great southern land and referred to it as "Terra Australis" or southern land. Click on the map below. Notice our continent is not mapped.

When early seafaring explorers sought to find it. First the Portugese in the 1520's, then the Dutch in 1606 arrived on the barren west coast. Then in 1770 Captain Cook explored the east coast. Cook like the Portugese and Dutch before him declared the continent to be "Terra Nullius" (nobody's land). They believed there were no humans inhabiting the continent Captain Cook raised the British flag and claimed it for the British Empire. He named it New South Wales after the south west tip of England which had similar features.

E. Phillips Fox depiction: Landing of Captain Cook at Botany Bay, 1770, painted in 1902.

  1. Create a new slide/page in my Cooee Australia Portfolio titled, 1: Our Continent
  2. Make sure you have watched the following videos Middle column
    1. Millions of Years > Wilderness >Pristine
  3. Did you unDiscover a place in Australia?
  4. Download and SAVE the Australia Jigsaw file. Click this link > 1_aussie_jigsaw
  5. How to build the Aussie Jigsaw
  6. Complete the Aussie Jigsaw and add the screenshot to your Cooee Australia Portfolio

  1. Created a new slide/page in my Cooee Australia Portfolio titled, 1: Our Continent
  2. Watched the 3 videos (above) = Millions of years, Wilderness, Pristine.
  3. Completed the Australia Jigsaw Creative challenge.
  4. Taken screenshots (Snip for PC) of each completed jigsaw and added it to your 1: Our Continents page/slide
  5. When you have completed everything for this topic, try the Wally Quiz to see how your general knowledge has improved.

Murray River Qld, NSW, Vic, SA

Simpson desert Central Aust.

Blue Mountains NSW

Daintree Rainforest Qld.

Apostles VIC



  • Continent formation.


  • Identify Australia as a continent.
  • Wilderness awareness.
  • Identify States of Australia.
  • Identify major rivers, land forms and geographic regions of Australia

  • Download and saving a file.
  • Screenshot (snip) and paste into a portfolio.
  • Object manipulation in Power point.