Cooee (Koowii) Australia

Cooeee! The word "cooee" originates from the language of the first Australians from the Sydney area. It was used to call over long distances. It means "come here".

Introducing Wally. Wally is a wombat. Wombats only live in Australia. They are very tough and clever. Wally will test your learning along the way. Wombats are Australian marsupials.  Click the link to Find out what a marsupial is?

Introducing Felix. Felix will be our guide on our journey of discovery and we learn about our National home - AUSTRALIA. Of course we recognize Felix is a platypus. Platypuses are ONLY found in Australia.  The name 'Felix also means "happy" or "lucky". We are indeed lucky to have a happy guide to take us on our great Australian road trip. Felix is a monotreme. Do you know what that means? Click the link to Find out what a monotreme is?

Test your knowledge by completing the two jigsaw puzzles below.

Continents Jigsaw

Australia Jigsaw


Cooeee! Come on! get ready to roll!  We need to know as much as we can about our home (Australia). Australia is a vast island continent. We will be going "all over the countryside". Felix (the Cooee Australia mascot) has planned an awesome road trip to exciting places. At each place we have fun learning special things about our fabulous home - Australia. There will be: Interesting knowledge, creative activity, a Wally Quiz to tease you and, a creative digital task for you to complete. Your learning journey is shown on the map below. Let's get started. Complete the creative challenge to the right. Click on each map to enlarge it.


Make a Cooee Cover Slide

  1. Create a Cooee Aussie Portfolio (your teacher will make suggestions).
  2. Watch the video (click blue button above) to learn how to create a Home Page for MS Power point or Google Slides Presentation.
  3. After the steps above are complete you should personalise your Cooee Australia Home Page. 
  4. Use Word Art Text to make a banner graphic Text = Cooee Australia.
  5. Add an Australian wallpaper graphic as a background.
  6. Add ONE image of "The Australian flag" .
  7. Add ONE image of "The Boxing Kangaroo flag" .
  8. Add an image of any Australian icon (symbol) .
  9. Add a map of Australia. 

  1. Completed the jigsaw puzzles.
  2. Watched the movies.
  3. I have made a Cooee Australia Home page as instructed above.


  • Identify Australia as a continent
  • Locate main Australian cities
  • Introduction to presentation (Google presentation or Power point) basics
  • Sourcing an image
  • Image scaling