4: eMoMe


Wouldn't it be great if your teacher could easily see how your class is feeling each day with out having to ask each student?

How can your teacher know how you are feeling?

Your challenge is to design a character that easily shows your teacher how you are feeling.

Design Rules:

  1. Your character MUST have at least ONE interchangeable body part to show how you are feeling.
  2. Your character MUST be no taller than 7 centimeters high, 5 centimeters wide, and 5 centimeters in depth.
  3. It MUST be able to stand freely on your table/desk.
  4. MUST use the mood chart colours (right)

Your instructions:

NOTE: There are more Tutorials here if you wish to learn more.

Before you are able to print your design solution you MUST complete the Design Thinking Process Chart below and have your teacher sign to:

  1. Design it in Tinkercad
  2. 3D print it

Click here to print the chart below

How are you feeling today?

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