3D Printing

Teacher Introduction

3D Printing is a relatively new digital technology. Students are highly engaged as their imagination drives the integration of digital technology skills with that of design thinking. Mathematics and spacial awareness are also ever present.

We have chosen to:

  • Use https://www.tinkercad.com/ as our design software. It is free and web based.
  • NOTE: Tinkercad offers classroom setup but our experience is that it only allows 20 simultaneous logins.
    • SOLUTION: Arrange students to work collaboratively in pairs.
    • One partner logs into Tinkercad.
    • They both watch the instructional videos and each dos a claw design, progressing to each completing a character.
    • Updating their skills  checklist as they progress.
  • The 3D Printer we use is
    • Please Note: this printer is problematic in that it is difficult to setup across a network.
    • Teachers worked around this by saving finalised student student designs to a USB drive and printing from there.


  1. Teachers should first set up class access to Tinkercad. See video (right).
  2. Great guide > Click here
  3. More resources for teachers at: https://www.tinkercad.com/teach
  4. Great Youtube video for teachers > Click here

Except from "Ideas Beyond Imagination" By Tser Lin Hetherton