Are you like the Karate Kid? Are you ready to train inside the Digital Dojo and become a digital ninja?
Welcome. We hope you enjoy discovering all about digital technologies. Let's get started, it will be fun.
The Digital Ninja Dojo is CLOSING in December 2022. Thank you for your support. is specifically aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F - 6 Digital Technologies scope and sequence. Learn more.

Emphasis is placed on the digital technologies that are central to our everyday lives. What are Digital Technologies? Read more.

Each Unit offers teachers planning options based on CSER  / YouTube videos, and FUSE resources.

Units offer a challenge for students to solve based on the area of learning. All teachers need to do is add a specific context.

Digital Skills are shown using step by step video tutorials. Students can progress at an independent pace.

DigitalNinja offers "plugged in" (digital) activities. Teachers are free to offer "unplugged" activities using more traditional resources.

Each Unit explores common vocabulary associated with digital literacy's. A specific word power activity challenges learners.

Mini courses

In a crowded curriculum, sometimes you need it to be fast and simple!.